Washington was one of the first states to legalize recreational Cannabis in 2012 and since then citizens of Spokane can use Cannabis for recreational purposes just as they can use it for medical purposes.

Anyone who needs Cannabis delivery can get it at the snap of their fingers with the help of Spokane Cannabis Delivery.

At Spokane Cannabis Delivery we bring your Cannabis to your doorstep and our services are excellent which set us apart from others. We always ensure that we our clients are satisfied with our services.

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We have successful and reliable dispatch teams. They make sure you are kept abreast of the journey to delivery with you in case there are hitches along the way. You would be impressed at the level of their patience, understanding and passion to the work.

If you have challenges or you are need answers or you don’t even know what to opt for, our customer service team are made up of health personnel who can guide you and tell you what to do. Here at Spokane Cannabis delivery our client service team is friendly, patient and efficient to listen to you.

All our clients give good reviews about the ability, communication or interaction pattern as well as the dedication of our customer service centre. They have the ability to establish a bond that says they care about you with the way they listen to you and give you their time.

What do I need to receive my package when it is ready?

For you to place an order with Spokane Cannabis delivery you need to be 21 years or above 21.

You need a form of identification. This identification must be recognized by the government; it can be your passport, your driver’s license or any other means of identification provided by the state.

If you aren’t paying immediately you place your order, you can pay when our team arrives at your doorstep. You can pay in cash or pay with your card. Get your payment ready before we arrive at your doorstep in order to prevent any form of hassles. If you are paying in cash confirm the right amount you will be paying to prevent any misunderstanding that may arise along the way.

Before our delivery team gets on the road to your destination, they will contact you. This means that you need to be with your phone at all times. Don’t leave your phone or silent mode or vibration so you can hear it when it rings. Ensure that you the volume is loud enough for you to hear and don’t put it in a hidden place.

When our delivery team is on our way to your end, inform the driver if you will need to receive a balance inform the delivery guy who contacts you. This will prevent any form of misunderstanding that may arise. It will also reduce the risks that might arise on the part of our team.

Once you shop for you products, inform us and then we receive the product and bring it to your doorstep. It’s that simple. Give us a try at Spokane Cannabis delivery and you will be forever pleased with us.